Peyton’s barricade and sign co. - redesign

Enhancing user experience and supporting business expansion through a modernized website.

before and after web mockup

01 / Background

Project deliverables
Website redesign,
Wireframes, Mockups
Tools: Figma
My role
UI/UX Design, Research,
Project contect
Summer 2023 - 2 weeks
Website redesign
Team: personal project
Project overview

Peyton's Barricade and Sign Company, a family-owned enterprise since 2006, specializes in traffic control solutions across Southern Indiana and the Louisville Metro area. Recognized for their rental services, permanent sign installations, and equipment sales, they sought to expand into dropshipping to grow their business and attract new customers. However, their existing website's navigation challenges and confusing layout hindered user experience and business growth.

The project focuses on redesigning Peyton's Barricade and Sign Company's website to improve user experience, navigation, and support business expansion. It aims to attract new customers by modernizing the site's design, enhancing content clarity, and optimizing for mobile access

website image before redesign

02 / The challenge

Making the site easier to use and more welcoming

The primary challenge in redesigning Peyton's Barricade and Sign Company's website was addressing its poor navigation and confusing layout, which hindered user experience and the company's ability to attract new customers and expand into new markets like dropshipping.

The Goal

The objective of this project was to transform Peyton's Barricade and Sign Company's website into a more user-friendly and navigable platform. This involved a comprehensive overhaul aimed at streamlining the user journey, enhancing the clarity and accessibility of information on products and services, and improving overall site aesthetics. By doing so, the intention was to not only elevate the user experience but also to broaden the company's reach, attract a diverse clientele, and solidify Peyton's position as a leader in traffic control solutions.

site map image
website image after redesign

03 / The approach

user-centered design process

I adopted a user-centered design approach, focusing heavily on research and a thorough understanding of both Peyton's business and its clients. I began with in-depth user and market research to pinpoint the main issues and opportunities within the existing site.

  • Emphasizing Simplicity: Ensured the design was clean and straightforward, making information easy to find.
  • Consistent Navigation: Developed a consistent and intuitive navigation structure to help users find what they need quickly.
  • Responsive Design: Prioritized a responsive design to ensure the website is accessible across various devices and screen sizes.
  • Visual Hierarchy: Used visual hierarchy to guide the user's attention to important sections and actions.
  • Engagement: Incorporated elements that enhance user engagement, such as clear call-to-action buttons and interactive features.
before redesign mockup
after redesign image


Looking back: lessons learned from redesigning for better user experience

Reflecting on the redesign process for Peyton's Barricade and Sign Company, I recognize the importance of aligning the website's structure and content with the core needs and behaviors of its users. By focusing on simplicity, intuitive navigation, and responsive design, the project underscores the effectiveness of user-centered design principles in creating a meaningful online experience.

In hindsight, a more iterative approach to the redesign could have been beneficial, allowing for more frequent testing of specific elements with target users. This would provide ongoing feedback to refine the user experience continuously.